Education and Outreach Center
The Grid Physics Network (GriPhyN) and the international Virtual Data Grid Laboratory (iVDGL) are two large NSF funded projects, that will form the world's first global "computational Grid", providing a computational resource for major scientific experiments in physics, astronomy, biology and engineering in the U.S., Europe and Asia. While iVDGL will serve as a unique resource for testing new computational paradigms at the Petabyte scale and beyond, GriPhyN will provide the basic software toolkits needed for the international laboratory.



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Education and Outreach Goals:

This Education and Outreach web site is primarly designed to promote learning into a scientific program of participating physics and computer science experiments. To this end, GriPhyN and iVDGL researchers intend to expose a diverse community of faculty and students at other universities and institutions, as well as the public at large, to grid computing research. In particular, you can find here the following information:

Introductory material about the Grid, GriPhyN and iVDGL.

A detailed description of GriPhyN and iVDGL Education and Outreach Activities.

Example of research projects for students and teachers at various educational levels.

Background information, quick guides, installation instructions, and tutorials for the basic deployment of most of the GriPhyN virtual data toolkits (VDT), like for instance Globus, Condor and related software.

Some background information about the related physics experiments.

An extensive collection of Web Links to related sites and projects.