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The Department of Physics and Astronomy has the following job openings:

(several postdoctoral positions in experimental physics and astrophysics)

The Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy (CGWA) at the University of Texas at Brownsville is opening several postdoctoral positions in experimental and/or theoretical gravitational-wave physics. Initial appointments will be for one year, with subsequent re-appointments contingent on funding availability and satisfactory performance.

The theoretical research at the Center focuses on astrophysical source modeling, analysis of data from operational ground-based gravitational wave detectors, LISA data analysis and the phenomenological astrophysics of gravitational wave sources. The experimental research concentrates on technical aspects of the NASA LISA mission and on research supporting Enhanced and Advanced LIGO, as well as developing new techniques for future interferometric gravitational wave detectors. The center also has a strong program in gravitational wave detection using pulsar timing techniques. Researchers are involved in the NANOGrav and PPTA collaborations and the pulsar surveys at the Green Bank and Arecibo radio telescopes.

We seek outstanding individuals who are qualified to fulfill at least one of the following four profiles. Qualified applicants without gravitational-wave physics research background are also encouraged to apply.

Optics and laser interferometry
The candidate will work on experimental aspects of interferometric gravitational wave detectors, especially focusing on laser and optics related topics like noise investigations and laser stabilization on optical cavities and atomic resonances.

Real-Time digital control systems
The LISA research performed at the CGWA requires proficiency in fast digital controls systems and the ability to learn how to adapt and program DSP and FPGA hardware. The work is strongly related to the optics and laser hardware of LISA but is in part also applicable to LIGO and will require strong cooperation with our optics and interferometry group.

Theoretical gravitational-wave physics
The candidate is expected to work on data analysis and astrophysics projects with an emphasis on LISA related applications. There is a considerable overlap of this type of research with ground-based detectors and the projects can be at the interface of both types of detectors.

Pulsar timing and gravitational wave detection
The candidate is expected to work on all aspects of gravitational wave detection using radio pulsars. This includes, but is not limited to, the observational and theoretical aspects of pulsar searching and timing as well as gravitational wave detection using a network of pulsars.

A complete application should include (i) a Curriculum Vitae, including a list of publications; (ii) a brief statement of research interests (not to exceed one page); and (iii) three letters of recommendation. The review of applications will begin Dec. 15, 2009 and will continue until all positions are filled. Please send applications to CGWA, c/o Leslie Gomez, One West University Boulevard Brownsville, TX 78520 or submit electronic files to .

Please send your application to:

Contact: Leslie Gomez


Center for Gravitational Wave Astronomy
University of Texas at Brownsville
One West University Boulevard
Brownsville, TX 78520

Phone: 956-882-5193




A number of work/study opportunities are available for students based on their academic performance and qualifications for the job. For more information contact the corresponding person.


For a complete listing of the currently available jobs at UTB, please visit UTB employment.

The University of Texas at Brownsville is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, and all qualified applicants receive equal consideration in the selection process. We encourage applicants from members of traditionally underrepresented groups protected under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Vietnam Era, and persons with physical disabilities.

Department of Physics and Astronomy • UTB • One West University Boulevard • Brownsville, TX 78520
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