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Present Faculty

Name Title Office Extension
Benacquista, Matt Professor Cavalry 105 F 6617
Creighton, Teviet Assistant Professor LHSB 2.218 6651
Diaz, Mario Professor,
Director CGWA
Cavalry 105 6690
Dukes, Phillip Associate Professor Cavalry 209 6659
Guevara, Juan Research Associate 6752
Guevara, Natalia Associate Professor LHSB 2.214 6752
Hanke, Andreas Associate Professor LHSB 2.220 6682
Jenet, Fredrick A. Associate Professor Cavalry 210 5131
Key, Joey Research Assistant Professor Cavalry 105C 6665
Kim, Myoung-Hwan Assistant Professor Cavalry 206 7852
Martirosyan, Karen Associate Professor Biomedical Building #2 1.310A 6736
Mohanty, Soumya D. Associate Professor LHSB 2.224 6680
Mukherjee, Soma Associate Professor
Department Chair
LHSB 2.226 6679
Quetschke, Volker Assistant Professor Cavalry 105 G 6723
Rakhmanov, Malik Associate Professor Cavalry 105 D 6746
Ramezani, Hamidreza Assistant Professor Cavalry 207 6648
Romano, Joe Professor Cavalry 105 H 6663
Stone, Robert Faculty Associate Cavalry 210 6655
Touhami, Ahmed Assistant Professor Biomedical Building #2 1.312A 6687



Name Title Office Extension
Gonzalez, Carlos
Faculty Associate
Key, Camas
Faculty Associate
Cavalry 206
Zermeno, Adrienne
Faculty Associate


Affiliate Faculty

Name Institute
Bessis, Daniel
Texas Southern University
Camp, Jordan
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Krzysztof, Belczynski
University of Warsaw
Grosso, Robert
University of Nuernberg


Visiting Faculty

Name Period Home Institution Email
Probst, Oliver
Jan - Dec 2009 Monterrey, Tec. Mexico
Whiting, Bernard Fall 2006 - Spring 2007 University of Florida, Gainesville


Former Faculty

Name Former Title Current Institution
Anderson, Warren
Assistant Professor University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
Cagnoli, Gianpietro Assistant Professor Laboratoire des Matériaux Avancés, France
Campanelli, Manuela Associate Professor Rochester Institute of Technology
Lau, Stephen R. Research Assistant Professor University of New Mexico
Luo, Xinlian Visiting Professor Nanjing University
Lousto, Carlos
Associate Professor Rochester Institute of Technology
Mino, Yasushi Research Assistant Professor California Institute of Technology
Price, Richard Professor
Stroeer, Alexander Research Assistant Professor Industry, Houston, Texas
Torres, Cristina Research Assistant Professor


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