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Fall 2014
Date Speaker Institution Title Info
Sept 5 Peng Qiu-he Nanjing University, China Discovery of strong radial magnetic field at the center of the Galaxy Significance: possible evidence of magnetic monopole from astronomical observation pdf
Sept 12 Matthew Benacquista UT Brownsville Tidal perturbations to the gravitational inspiral of J0651+2844 abstract
Sept 22 Michele Zanolin Embry Riddle Areonautical University Probing Core Collapse Supernova Physics with Laser Interferometers abstract
Nov 7 Knicole Colon Lehigh University Characterizing the Atmospheres of Hot Jupiters with Large Ground-Based Telescopes abstract
Nov 14 Chris Ruf University of Michigan The NASA Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System abstract
Nov 21 Andreas Hanke UT Brownsville Multiscale Modeling of Macromolecular Systems in Biology abstract
Nov 24 Yan Wang UT Brownsville Detecting very low frequency gravitational waves with pulsar timing arrays abstract
Dec 5 Manfred Cuntz University of Texas at Arlington Habitability in the Environments of Main-Sequence Stars abstract


Summer 2014
Date Speaker Institution Title Info
June 20 Volker Quetschke University of Texas at Brownsville Overview of Advanced LIGO
June 27 Camas Key University of Texas at Brownsville The Thermoelectric Properties of Bismuth Telluride
July 3 Grant Meadors University of Michigan Star-songs in spacetime: Launching into gravitational wave astrophysics abstract
July 18 Joe Romano University of Texas at Brownsville Mathematics and the prints of M.C. Escher
July 25 Matt Benacquista University of Texas at Brownsville The mysterious case of PSRJ1145-6545


Spring 2014
Date Speaker Institution Title Info
Jan 17 Anthony Ford Arecibo Observatory Working at the Arecibo Observatory abstract
Jan 24 Volker Quetschke University of Texas at Brownsville The Advanced LIGO Gravitational Wave Detector abstract
Jan 31 Oliver Puncken University of Texas at Brownsville LIGO Lasers abstract
Feb 21 Matt Abernathy LIGO Caltech Lab X-ray measurements of the structure of tantala coatings abstract
March 21 Fronfeld Crawford Franklin and Marshall A New Search for Radio Pulsars in M33, the Triangulum Galaxy abstract
March 27 Laura Sampson Montana State University Testing General Relativity with Gravitational Wave Observations abstract
March 28 Warren Anderson University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Data Analysts Without Borders: A Case Study abstract
April 4 Joan Centrella NASA Astrophysics Science Division Science at NASA: From the Earth to the Universe, Keynote Address for the UTB Research Symposium abstract
April 18 Kathryn Williamson National Radio Astronomy Observatory Measuring Student Understanding of Gravity abstract
April 25 Daryl Haggard Northwestern University/CIERA Observing G2 As It Plummets Toward the Milky Way's Central Black Hole abstract
May 2 Phil Mauskopf Arizona State University The Cosmic Microwave Background and Fundamental Properties of theUniverse abstract


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